The Word “Family” by Clint Berry

Jul 25, 2018


Hi, resKids Parents!

For those of you whom I haven’t met, my name is Clint and I am one of the guys on stage making noise most weeks (the one behind the glass). You may also recognize me from my role as a blonde woman who may or may not have been using performance enhancing drugs who assaults her husband. If that reference doesn’t “ring a bell”, I’m sure there is a YouTube video somewhere. If you still are having a hard time placing me, I am the younger brother of Tasha Bailey and older brother of Chelsea Applegate, and look like neither. I am also the father of three “resKids”, Cami, Tyde, and Solomon.

It is amazing to me how much our church has increased in size and how much stronger our relationships are with God since Resonance started. For me personally, my relationship with God has matured in an unexpected way. Early in 2017, I felt that God was speaking to me the word “family” for that year. I had never really had a “word of the year”, but I thought I would embrace it. Throughout last year, I began to really see God as a loving and good father, and everything changed. I started to understand God’s love for me when I began to compare it to my love for my kids (and that’s just me as an imperfect human. Imagine how much greater God can love HIS kids). I began to see a Father who truly has His kid’s best interest at heart and wants the best for them. I started to see the innocence that God sees in us, just like we see in our kids. And, just like with our kids, our relationship with God doesn’t have to be complex or based on our accomplishments. He loves us just because we are His.

With all that being said, I have such an appreciation for our kids ministry. We have awesome volunteers who are giving to our kids and asking nothing in return. As Aron has said, our kids ministry really is just an extension of what happens in the main room – it is God meeting our kids at their level and moving in their hearts. The fruit of that movement is much the same as it is with adults. Lives are being changed, chains of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. are being broken, and the Holy Spirit is speaking love. He is moving in the entire family!

In our time at Resonance, we have seen our oldest, Cami, accept Jesus and be baptized, and our middle child, Tyde, receive such special care from giving and understanding volunteers. We have also seen answers to prayer with Tyde’s speech and development. God has moved mountains that we weren’t sure would be moved. I can’t wait to see what God does in the lives of all of your children and all of your family in the days to come. I hope that you continue to be encouraged by the growing faith of our kids and the service of our volunteers, and that God’s love and Holy Spirit would move in your families as well.

Love you all,