Raising True Warriors of Christ by Lindsey Berry

Dec 2, 2019


November is a time we reflect on our families, our friends, and the joy and thankfulness that surrounds us. As a parent we are so thankful for our children! I’m sure you all as parents thank God every day for your children and their good health, like I do. You praise Him for the safety that He gives them or the jobs that He provides so you can provide for your kids. The list could go on and on, and yes, all those things are important, but we should also be thankful for the authority God has given to us as parents!

Proverbs 22:6 says train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. I think we all think about this verse a lot!! We want to lead by example for our children. We want to show love, joy and discipline. We want to live lives that are in pure freedom and let our children see Jesus’ love ooze out of us, but we also want to be able to teach our children that they too can experience freedom and Kingdom authority in this crazy world.

Our kids are attacked by the enemy just as much as we are. He is out to destroy all of God’s people no matter the age! Now is the time we prepare them for battle. We equip them with the full armor of God and teach them that they have full authority from the Father. When life hands them sadness, fear, anxiety or shame, this can all be attack from the enemy and we can teach them to fight back through prayer! Now is the time to be bold in Jesus’ name and raise true warriors of Christ!

As a parent if you have not experienced freedom for yourselves that is the first step. We have lots of people to talk to at Resonance on our spiritual health team, and plenty of resources we could get you to read up on how you can get your authority back and break chains away from the evil one who tries to pull us down. I have experienced this, and it is life changing for you and your family! This will lead us to be better mommy’s and daddy’s and equip our children with the power they have in Jesus!!