A Christmas Miracle by Lindsey Berry

Dec 12, 2018


Wow! What a year this has been. When I reflect back on the memories of 2018, I stand in amazement of the wonders God has done. As the year ends, I feel like the word God is giving me is HOPE. Hope that spread through 2018, and will spill over into 2019.

As many of you know, our son Tyde was non-verbal and diagnosed with autism in 2016. He was around two at the time. We knew something wasn’t right, but to hear his diagnosis was a shock to us! It is so hard as a parent to not be able to carry on a conversation with your child, know their wants or needs, or to even hear them say I love you. Through the last couple years we have had some good days, some bad and a lot of hard work, but God kept telling us to hold on to hope.

Fast forward to May of this year. Tyde had just turned four and was beginning to show us his voice. We took the kids to Disney World later that month, and it was there that God showed us an early Christmas miracle. Tyde started singing Christmas songs, word for word, completely by memory. It was an explosion of speech that seemed like it came out of nowhere. We didn’t care that it was May and 90 degrees outside. We were so happy to hear this beautiful sound that we stood in the middle of the park singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” with him, praising and thanking Jesus for how far he had come. Last Christmas we didn’t think that we would ever hear our son talk, but now we can’t get him to quit!

I am telling you this story to encourage you as a parent and bring hope to you! You may think God will never heal your child, heal you, provide for your family, bring you the job you need, or help you be a better parent, but just hold on! Hold on to the hope of our Heavenly Father. He hears you and He sees you!

Also, if you ever need a reminder, you can come visit Tyde and he will sing you a song of hope and Christmas joy!

With Love,

Lindsey Berry